About Us

Hi,  my name is Peter I'm the proud owner/operator of Kingdom Movers.  I started out working for big companies and worked my way to ownership.  In 7 years in the industry, I though about going into a different line of work many times.  What's kept me going is the sense of camaraderie I have with my co-workers, being around people, and being able to help people move.     

What We Value...

  1. Integrity:  to conduct yourself with honesty and fairness.

2.  Respect:  to treat every one like is your grandma.

3.  Hard work:  is what we expect from every team member.

What makes us special...

  1. Our guys are paid well above industry standards.  Why?  Because they're great at what they do and they do more than what is expected of them.
  2. We don't send out day-laborers or temp-workers.  Why?  Because they're not professional movers.